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An interRAI Single Assessment Tool for creating and managing Community Health Assessments.

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User friendly
Single Assessment Tool

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Cost efficient

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Licensed by interRAI
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Preliminary Screener

The interRAI Preliminary Screener (PS) has been designed to be a rudimentary assessment to filter out clients who are less likely to benefit from undergoing the more comprehensive CHA. The screener supports initial client intake and provides the ability to identify clients who are likely to benefit from a more extensive assessment. It is available with the interRAI CHA or can be enabled separately if the full CHA is not required.


Commmunity Health Assessment

The interRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a modular, comprehensive assessment that is comprised of a core assessment, called the CHA and four supplements. One or more of the four supplements will be triggered by the needs identified in the client intake and core assessment.


Functional Supplement

The interRAI Functional Supplement (CHA-FS) is comprised of additional functional and clinical items that provides guidance geared toward comprehensive care and service planning for persons identified as more challenged by community based settings.


Mental Health Supplement

The interRAI Mental Health Supplement (CHA-MH) contains an expanded item set based around mental health-related diagnoses, symptoms, treatments and life experiences. Performance and capacity of the person is assessed in a variety of categories with the majority used to trigger items for care planning.


Deaf Blind Supplement

The interRAI Deafblind Supplement (CHA-DB) evaluates the performance, preferences and requirements of persons with dual sensory loss. Expanded questions pertaining to hearing and vision loss are contained to address patterns of impairment and change in sensory performance for persons with both congenital and acquired deafblindness.


Assisted Living Supplement

The interRAI Assisted Living Supplement (CHA-AL) further assesses the strengths, preferences and requirements of persons served by a wide range of residential care facilities. The quality of life or functional status of the person is observed to identify social, medical and functional issues that could become limiting for a person if not addressed.

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Third Party Integration

Allows for demographic information and results to be electronically transferred between your Electronic Medical/Health Record and DigiCHA.

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Nesda Technologies Ltd has always brought you top shelf EMR/EHR , Assessment software and so many other great products.
AND we are now going to provide you even MORE! The full suite of interRAI assessments is on its’ way and Home Care, Mental Health and Long Term Care Facility assessments are in full swing.

Home Care supplement icon

Home Care

The interRAI Home Care Assessment System (HC) has been designed to be a user-friendly, reliable, person-centered assessment system that informs and guides comprehensive care and service planning in community-based settings around the world. It focuses on the person’s functioning and quality of life by assessing needs, strengths, and preferences, and facilitates referrals when appropriate. When used over time, it provides the basis for an outcome-based assessment of the person’s response to care or services. The interRAI HC can be used to assess persons with chronic needs for care as well as those with post-acute care needs (for example, after hospitalization or in a hospital-at-home situation).

Long Term Care supplement icon

Long Term Care Facility

The interRAI Long-Term Care Facility Assessment System (interRAI LTCF) enables comprehensive, standardized evaluation of the needs, strengths, and preferences of persons receiving short-term post-acute care in skilled nursing facilities as well as persons living in chronic care and nursing home institutional settings.

Mental Health supplement icon

Mental Health

The interRAI Mental Health (MH) Assessment System is a comprehensive standardized instrument for evaluating the needs, strengths and preferences of adults with mental illness in in-patient psychiatric settings. This instrument allows for assessment of key domains of function, mental and physical health, social support and service use; with particular items identifying those who could benefit from further evaluation of specific problems to help prevent risk of further decline and improve functioning.


Post-Acute Care

The interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation (PAC-Rehab) Assessment is a comprehensive assessment system designed for all rehabilitation and post-acute hospital settings. While many patients will be transferred to these settings from acute care settings, the system also caters to patients who may be admitted directly from the community.


Palliative Care

The interRAI Palliative Care (PC) Assessment System was developed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the strengths, preferences, and needs of adults in both hospice and palliative care.


Assisted Living

The interRAI Assisted Living (AL) has been released as a supplement to the Community Health Assessment (CHA). The CHA-AL evaluates the needs, strengths, and preferences of persons served by various types of residential care facilities. The items identify functional, medical, and social issues that are either presently limiting the quality of life or functional status of the person or that are likely to become limiting for the person, if unaddressed.


Community Mental Health

The interRAI Community Mental Health (CMH) Assessment is a standardized assessment system for clinicians in community mental health settings. This instrument is designed to incorporate the person’s needs, strengths and preferences when assessing the key domains of function, mental and physical health, social support and service use.


Intellectual Disability

Research on the psychometric properties includes face validity, convergent validity, and criterion validity (using gold standard measures of cognition, self-care skills, aggression, and depression).


Contact Assessment

The interRAI Contact Assessment (interRAI CA) Screener was created to provide information to support the home care intake process. Its’ objective is to record basic clinical information on persons who would not be receiving any additional comprehensive assessment at a later stage as well as providing initial clinical information for end-of-life and long-term persons (maintenance, supportive, and long-stay rehabilitation) in order that short-term services, if necessary, could be put in place prior to completion of the full interRAI HC or interRAI PC Assessment.


Emergency Screener for Psychiatry

The interRAI Emergency Screener for Psychiatry (ESP) is a short screening tool for acute mental health emergency screening with a 24-hour observation period. The interRAI ESP is compatible with the interRAI MH and interRAI CMH. It can be used in hospital settings, emergency departments and mobile crisis teams. This ESP has additional response categories focusing on the immediate presence of indicators relevant to risk appraisal and care planning related to safety (for example, harm to self, others). The interRAI ESP also provides decision support for placement and bed utilization.

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